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My Story's


CBD changed my sons

How CBD changed my sons life:

From the age of 14 years my son (now 30) has been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. He was given all kinds of injections and medications and blood test on a weekly basis. I stopped all medication as it gave him liver and kidney failure and suffered chronic pain for many years.

I was researching how I can help my son and I came across an article on CBD and how it changed lives for the better.

He started taking CBD in the morning and before bed, now also using CBD vape wax during the day when he feels the need too. He now can live a normal life free of pain, thanks to CBD.


How CBD is Helping my DAD :

My father’s has been diagnosed with severe dementia. For the past 4 months I've been given my father CBD Gummies since his 2nd week in hospital.

Since taking the gummies his appetite has improved. I started giving him 1 in the evening and i was noticing the days i could not get in for a visit he would have low days and lose his appetite. I am giving him 2 Gummies per visit to keep him going. Since then doctors, nurses and carers have told me that he always talking and being his lively self. I have be advised to continue with CBD as it seems to be helping great deal.


How it helped my dog:

My Girl (yes, that’s the dog’s name) 😊 age 9 staffy mixed, she really get nervous with fireworks and the Loud banging noises. That happens a lot in Malta as you know. Upon my research on CBD I stumbled upon how CBD was good for home pets, so I thought let me order the oil and give it a go. ! To my surprise when we had the local festa and the fireworks where going off I gave Girl the recommend dose and within 30 Mins she was relaxed and not nervous any more.

I would like to help and share my experience to help others...