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This is the second time I’ve purchased CBD oil for a family member with ADHD and I must say that I'm impressed with the results. CBD has improved his day to day life significantly especially on his Anxiety and impulsive behaviour. Among serves as a pain killer for gingivitis.
Also, a very friendly service, prompt replies and very fast delivery. It is highly recommended.

Amanda (facebook)

I have used it for my parrot as it is stressed and plucks his own feathers, and though we are still trying to find the right dose, I noted that he really likes the cdb oil and I'm looking forward to note some positive changes. Also I'm using the cdb oil with salmon for my cat as she suffers from arthritic pain most especially in winter. I'm sure that it helps in the long run and it will help her move more comfortably. The service is very good and they really care about our pets, who are just like our children. Keep up your good work 🙂 highly recommended!

Rose Anne (facebook)

Very friendly service and prompt replies. Products are very good and really work. Helped a family member with chronic knee pain, it eases the pain! Thanks

Jana (facebook)

Ive tried the CBD spray and slept so well. I also tried some on my dog who is very hyper and it helped alot!

Nicole (facebook)

Had the best sleep I've had in quite a while, thanks to the Pineapple Express vape. Highly recommend the products. Thanks alot, it was the first purchase from your business but surely it won't be the last

Karl (facebook)